“Jumping with joy is good exercise.”

Unknown author

 When we were little we were taught not to put things off until tomorrow. But no one teaches us that we shouldn’t postpone our happiness! On the contrary, most adults consciously “teach” their children to put off and even put aside their pleasure and fun. This is one of the greatest mistakes made by parents whose happiness was taken away when they were children.

Actually it’s sometimes a good idea to put off “today’s work” until tomorrow and have some fun. When we feel tired, when we have no inspiration, and work gives us not pleasure, the best thing we can do is to stop and “recharge our batteries.” Recharging happens when we experience joy, and when we let ourselves have fun and pleasure.

When we postpone joy and pleasure in our lives, we are deceiving ourselves. We are starving soul, and punishing it undeservedly. Our soul is nourished with joy.

It’s amazing how many people don’t realize this simple truth. It’s amazing how many parents are starving their children’s souls while they are very careful to feed their bodies. They do the same thing to themselves.

When the soul is hungry, the mind starves. The joy of life is the energy from which the great ideas are born. The joy of life feeds our talents and creativity.

What happens when we systematically postpone our joy by ignoring it and underestimating it?

Burnout. Such is the diagnosis of many people. What does this term mean? It means a lack of vital energy; flat batteries, a long-starved soul, an exhausted, non-functioning mind, and a tired body. This is true of depression as well. Depression is spiritual anorexia, a refusal and an inability to eat with joy.

All mental problems are due above all to insufficient joy and insufficient love. Physical problems have the same cause.

Ultimately, if joy and love are the fuel of life, what can we expect if we let our fuel run out?

Every time we feel unwell, we have to realise that this is the red fuel warning light and we urgently need to refuel.

Don’t wait for the warning light, it’s best to fill up every day. When our fuel tank is full, we sense that we are “overflowing” with happiness, creativity, the ability to work, kindness, and inspiration for life. Only then will we be able to give love and joy to others, and to give value to the world.