“Hello Stela,

Your book What Every Child Wants is priceless! I have never read a better and more valuable book about children’s education. I was reading your book for a second time today. I’m so impressed of it that I want to tell the whole world about it!”  read more

Desislava Nikolova

What Every Child Wants

What Every Child Wants is a book for parents who want to raise healthy, happy and confident children. This book would also be very useful for other members of the family as well as teachers – anyone who works with and takes care of children.

This book will help you:

  • develop a strong emotional bond with your kids
  • raise responsible children without any punishments and aggression
  • free yourself from your own prejudices regarding parenting
  • realize the mistakes your parents have made in your own upbringing and forgive them
  • realize the mistakes you are making right now and how you can avoid them
  • free yourself from the feeling of guilt and feel more confident as a parent

This book is different from other books about parenting for several reasons. First of all, it is also a book for personal development and finding yourself. It will help you connect with the child within yourself and take you back to your own childhood. It will help you realize what events have traumatized you, and relieve yourself of your pain and anger. The best parent is the happy parent.

This book has already helped thousands of people change their life and relationships with their kids, as well as with their own parents. The book What Every Child Wants is unique because in contains over 150 thoughts of children on dreams, fears, problems with parents, challenges and insights. It also contains lots of stories from my practice as a family consultant.

Every Child is a Hero is not just a book, it’s a friend for a lifetime. A friend who reaches out to hold our hand and guides us on the path of parenting, showing us its brightest side. It teaches us to get rid of our fears and prejudices, get rid of old dogmas and cliches and listen to our own heart. It shows us how to tune ourselves to the same frequency as the soul of of our child and discover the magic of sharing – which gives birth to free, happy and successful individuals, and not just obedient kids. This book is a source of inspiration for all mothers, fathers and teachers, everyone who ever dares to enter the world of a child. Every Child is a Hero is a read that easily demonstrates the main parental mistakes and shows us new path in which children and parents can connect. A path built upon love, freedom, and trust. A path worth walking onto with an open heart! Thank you, Stela Daskalova. Thank you for the directions!”   read more
Nelly Hadzhiyska

journalist and popular TV show host

Every Child Is a Hero


The book Every Child is a Hero is inspired by the little heroes I get to meet in my practice as a family consultant, by my three wonderful children, and by any children that I have ever met.

The most beautiful thing about my job is that I get to turn children’s tears into smiles. I often feel like Santa Claus when I manage to convince a parent to make their child’s dream come true, for example let their son do soccer, buy them a dog, or let them study in the school they want. Sometimes I feel like Santa Clause also because of the parents, when I convince them to have fun more and let themselves follow their dreams. I’ve also shared some stories from my practice as a family consultant.

Just like with my first book, while I was writing Every Child is a Hero” I interviewed hundreds of kids. I would like to thank my wonderful little co-authors who shared their opinions and stories with their child-like wisdom and sincerity. They added a very special kind of energy to the book. Their opinions on important topics and questions can be found throughout the entire book.

You can find on the pages of this book many of the things that your kids are afraid to tell you, but still are on their minds. I am sure that these children’s insights will touch your heart, make you think a little bit more, and look at yourself and them in an entirely different way.

Every Child is a Hero is a book for the important lessons that are not taught in school and which a child should learn, mostly from their parents. These are beliefs, skills and qualities that are incredibly important for the health, happiness and success of any child.

What are those qualities?

  • loving yourself
  • appreciating your uniqueness
  • determining what your values are
  • developing emotional intelligence
  • taking responsibility for your life
  • learning to overcome fears
  • being independent from the opinion of others
  • learning from your mistakes
  • making fulfilling friendships and appreciating them
  • doing everything with love and creativity

I would like to thank my readers for the touching letters that keep receiving from them regarding this book. They provide very valuable feedback to me. In the book I have answered the most often asked questions I get from parents. When you read it, you will find that these problems are not just yours, but of many people – and even a small correction in your ways could be enough for them to be solved.

I read What Happens to Love? in one night! It’s such an easy read! Good job! While reading, I have the habit of underlining the most important things. But I realized that I would have to underline almost the entire book, because Stela managed to synthesise in the most accessible form the most important lessons about love.”

Madlen Algafari

writer and psychotherapist

What Happens to Love?


What is it that happens to love – so that love keeps running away from us? It can make us fly high, but before we know it, we are falling down from the sky. It is almost a necessity that we have to go through the pain in order to be able to learn to love.

Why do we keep missing each other? We break up, then we regret it. Or we don’t break up, and we still regret it. The book “What happens to love?” will help you find out:

  • How childhood and your relationship with your parents affect your love relationships?
  • What wrong beliefs and subconscious fears are you holding, which are working against you
  • How do you attract or repel people
This is a book about:
  • The lows that act in love and our lives
  • The traps that love falls into
  • The mistakes we make in our relationships again and again