"When every child is raised with unconditional love and respect, our dreams of a peaceful world will become reality"

Stela Daskalova

What Every Child Wants…

and Every Adult Needs to Know

Every Child is a Hero

Hello, friend!

In this site you will find information, ideas and support which will help you:

• create harmonious and fulfilling relationships with the people you love

• feel more confident and at ease as a parent

• allow yourself to dream big and turn your dreams into reality

Regardless of the kind of situation you might find yourself in and the kind of hardships you might be facing – there is always a solution. The troubles you are encountering are there to push you to change and become a better version of yourself, they make you grow. Everything that happens to us in our lives is a part of our own personal evolution.

In this site you will find not just mine, but your insights as well. A lot of readers tell me that when they read my books, it’s as if it has all come out of their own souls. However unique we may be, we are all one. My site is yours, too.

I am looking forward to you sharing your thoughts, insights and inspiring stories.



What Every Child Wants” will make you listen to your heart…”

The first thing that each of us wants is our children to be healthy! But we do not realize how we ourselves are ruining their health! And this has been happening since the human race appeared on this planet. If there were no parents, maybe there wouldn’t be any psychotherapists, either. This doesn’t mean that we do not love our children. However, we make mistakes because of insufficient knowledge and unawareness! Dear parent, this book will make you reconsider some things! It will help you realize that if you listen to your heart, you will make fewer mistakes.

Madlen Alghafari

writer and psychotherapist

“The book “What Every Child Wants” should be taught in college. Maybe then there wouldn’t be so many confused, hurt and misunderstood kids. I applaud you. I can’t wait to start the other book. I already love you!”

Yana Moiseeva


“For me, the book “What Every Child Wants” is a bible for parents and should be present in every home, like a textbook, studied over and over again. When my husband read it, he told all our friends with kids to read it. I also recommended it in my daughter’s kindergarten but was pleasantly surprised to see that “Everything begins with childhood” was already present on the shelf of the library.”

Elena Zareva

yoga instructor

“I read it in one night! It’s such an easy read! Good job! While reading, I have the habit of underlining the most important things. But I realized that I would have to underline almost the entire book, because Stela managed to synthesise in the most accessible form the most important lessons about love.”
Madlen Algafari

writer and psychotherapist

“What Happens to Love?” is a book about love, written with love. Book that teaches us how to love ourselves, life and others. A book that helps us discover beliefs that prevent us from being happy.
Kamelia Georgieva


Reading What Happens to Love by Stela Daskalova has been a fascinating experience, because in a single book she has married two seemingly incompatible approaches. On the one hand, the author offers a very pragmatic and indeed, rationally structured way to view love and solve love tangles. On the other hand – and quite fortunately, this rationalization has not killed the romanticism and emotionality that have to do with this greatest creative power of the universe. Reading her narrative, I have to admit I enjoyed very much her tone of voice – there is this dialogue quality about it, and one really precious thing – plenty of warmth in the way the she addresses the audience. In the meantime, at certain points the warm and unobtrusive quality of her style changes, as emotions gather momentum and transform into truly passionate discourse. This special duality of the book by Stela Daskalova appeals to me very much and it also makes its messages universal.

Daniela Konstantinova

translator, radio presenter & copywriter

While reading Stela’s books, I feel as if my grandmother is hugging me. A sense of security, that you can say whatever you want, cry as much as you like, share even your worst thoughts and feelings, and still feel accepted, loved, understood, forgiven and comforted. I have cried so many times while reading and rereading her books. After that I feel refreshed and new, as if with a clear hard drive, which I can start filling up with more care and love towards what I am putting in…
Gergana Kachorova


”You are my inspiration…”

Stela, I want to say first that you are my inspiration, even without you knowing it. As I have always stated, the books find me by themselves when I am ready for them. A year ago, totally by accident, when my son was just two months old, a friend of mine gave me your book “What Every Child Wants” and I read it at one go…all that you had written I felt like something that was coming from my own heart! It helped me realize what I wanted to give to my child and what I should be careful about! Recently I have read your second book – “What Happens to Love”. Thank you for coming into my life through your books, for your worldview and for writing right from your soul! I am looking forward to reading your third book! I can’t wait!

Nelly Hadzhiyska

journalist and popular TV anchor

What Every Child Wants” is a wonderful book, which helped me grow as a parent, it helped me with valuable advice, which I use up until this day for raising our three daughters.”

Valdi Subev


“Hello Stela. I bought your book “What Every Child Wants” and read it all in one go! Your book is amazing! I’ve been wanting to buy one like this for a long time and I would like to thank you for all the advice you’ve given in it, and also for writing it! Soon I’ll buy your second book as well because I’m sure it’s just as interesting.”

Ivelina Popova

While I was reading the book “What Every Child Wants”, I suddenly felt the strong desire to share it with all my friends who have already become parents or are going to be in the future. In the book I found the wise mother I have always wanted to have. Wise, tender and loving. A mother who is asking herself questions and is searching for ways to become more and more conscious, to develop and grow. In order to be a happy woman. And a happy mother. To a happy child…Because children learn from the personal example of their parents. The book “What Every Child Wants” and its sequel “Every Child Is a Hero” are wonderful guides of every mother and every father on their path to building a healthy, truly close and wise relationship with their children.

Mariya Dimitrova

journalist and editor

“Stela Daskalova’s books made me think about things I’ve never paid attention to before. Some books you read out of curiosity, but with hers it’s like you’re having a conversation with your own self. They provoke you to search and find answers of simple things you once thought were too complicated.”
Krasimir Dukov

What Every Child Wants” is a book which projects into our hearts the movie of our own life. Just like on a movie reel, we can clearly see the “wrong models” and “useless cliches” from our own childhoods and protect our children from them. This is a book, most importantly for learning ourselves, and about the ability to befriend and inspire our own children! “Everything begins with childhood” – one of the most priceless teachers of life!”

Neli Hadjiyska

journalist and a tv show host

“Thank you, wonderful Stela, for existing, for having met you, for having read your book, which led me to change. I still have a long way of searching and growing ahead of me, but it has all started.


I hope I ever get to thank you enough.”

Poli Ivanova


“Hello Stela, your book “What Every Child Wants” is priceless!

I have never read a better and more valuable book about children’s education. I was reading your book for a second time today. I’m so impressed of it that I want to tell the whole world about it!”

Desislava Nikolova


What Every Child Wants” is a book, which is not only extremely easy to read, but it’s engraved in the mind of the reader and heals your hurt soul because it reaches its finest strings in a very gentle way… With much love and gratitude, to Stela Daskalova.”

Bistra Nikolova

PhD at University of Economics, Varna

“Dear Stela, I wholeheartedly thank you for the books you have written. As you read them, you are filled with harmony, ease, enlightenment, inspiration, faith and strength. Your books are of the kind that belong to a special place in my library and to which I reach out in need, because they can be a trustworthy compass that I know will lead me in the right direction.”
Gabriela Metodieva

The book “What happens to love?” was an incredible experience for me. I didn’t want it to end, it felt like a friend to me – close, thoughtful, honest and supportive. This book had a huge influence on me, I would even say that it changed my way of thinking and my point of view on many things. While reading, I underlined almost every sentence. There was always something important – and more, and more. The text connected straight into my soul, I felt enlightened, inspired, I was filled with optimism and a sense of hope, a way out. I found understanding, support, and at the same time – a way to handle my life and myself better. I sincerely admire you and thank you for writing this book!

Antonia Noteva


“Contrary to “reader’s ethics”, I will give away what happens at the end of the book “What happens with love?”. Love becomes freed from the chains of our own, formerly planted, wrong beliefs. Love can be a prisoner of our beliefs, and just like a bird, it shares with us its wings. We always choose ourselves.

This book leaves us with two choices – should I take the responsibility over my own happiness (we always want everything to depend on us, right? well it depends!) or continue passively wallowing in sadness (it gets old!)? It’s your choice, reader. You have the key, and you have the door too!

Thank you for the book!”

Kalina Stefanova

radio journalist

I came across Stela’s book “What Happens to Love?” in a moment when I was feeling sad and confused after a hard situation in the relationship I had at that time. I was walking around the books in a bookshop, trying to put my thoughts in order and soothe my sad heart when my eyes fell upon “What Happens to Love?”. This was one of the questions I was asking myself at that moment:”What is happening to my love?”. I opened the book to a random page and what I read there made me feel a wonderful wave of warmth as I discovered once again that there are no coincidences in life – the things written on that page gave me the exact guidance I needed especially for my situation at that time. I felt with my soul that I wanted to read the whole book. I had a sudden feeling of calmness and I went to the cashier to buy the book. I found on the pages of “What Happens to Love?” the exact same tenderness as in the other books written by Stela which I had already read. And I also found in the book the support and understanding that we are looking for in a close friend that fill our hearts with warmth and make us feel love. And we need love so much! Love as a mindset and an attitude to the world, and love for ourselves. This is what Stela gives with her books – pure, wonderful love and tenderness while she is exploring the difficult questions holistically – from different points of view, in order to help us see better the whole picture of our relations. In order to help us take our decisions from the position of sincerity, truth, love and harmony.

Mariya Dimitrova

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