Smile at life and it will smile at you, too…

The insufficient and inefficient communication between people is the reason why they fill the missing pieces from their relationship puzzle with made-up interpretations. This happens on a daily basis to all of us. That is why the relationships between people are so complicated and messy, full of misunderstandings, hidden feelings and unasked questions. 

Each fact can be interpreted in numerous ways. Most people give in to their first association and assumption, without taking into consideration, that there are so many different variants of interpretations and explanations of a given situation. 

It turns out that the truth is plastic. The truth is changing according to the viewpoint. Each thing can have more than one logical explanation. The interpretation of a certain fact determines the development of the story. 

According to quantum physicists (as well as Buddhism), without an observer there isn’t an observed object. The observer sees what they expect to see which means that the energy of the observer is getting materialized. 

It is important when something unexpected or unpleasant happens to us to remember not to accept the first interpretation that comes automatically to our mind as the only possible truth. We’d better think about what other variants and explanations may be true regarding someone’s behavior or another type of a challenging situation in life. 

If we choose to interpret the things that are happening to us in a way which we like, the course of the events will be influenced by our interpretation and we may like the development of the situation as well. We have the right to choose this explanation which will help us recover our composure the most and make us feel well. 

If in difficult situations we direct our mental energy in the direction of the best development of the situation, we are actually influencing the course of the events. 

We have the right to see life the way we want to see it. And in this way to change the truth about it. If we smile at life, it starts smiling at us, too.

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