Every Child is a Hero

“Every Child Is a Hero is not just a book, it’s a friend for a lifetime. A friend, who reaches out to hold our hand and guides us on the path of parenthood, showing us its brightest side. Teaching us to get rid of our fears and prejudices, get rid of old dogmas and cliches and listen to our own heart. It shows us how to tune it to the same frequency as the soul of of our child and discover the magic of sharing, which gives birth to free, happy and successful individuals, and not just obedient kids. This book is a source of inspiration for all mothers, fathers and teachers, everyone who ever dares enter the world of a child. Every Child Is a Hero is a read that easily demonstrates the main parental mistakes and shows us a new way, which connects child and parent. A path built upon love, freedom, and trust. A path worth walking on with an open heart! Thank you, Stela Daskalova! Thank you for the directions!”

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Nelly Hadzhiyska

journalist and popular TV anchor

The book Every Child Is a Hero is inspired by the small heroes I get to meet in my practice as a family consultant, by my three wonderful children, and by any children that I have ever met.

The most beautiful thing about my job is that I get to turn children’s tears into smiles. I often feel like Santa Claus when I manage to convince a parent to make their child’s dream come true, for example let their son do soccer, buy them a dog, or let them study in the school they want. Sometimes I feel like Santa Clause also because of the parents, when I convince them to have fun more and let themselves follow their dreams. Some stories from my practice as a family consultant are told in my book (with changed names).

Just like my first book, while I was writing Every Child Is a Hero, I interviewed hundreds of kids. I would like to thank my wonderful little coauthors, which shared their opinions and stories, with a child-like wisdom and sincerity. They added a very special kind of energy to the book. Their opinions on important topics and questions can be found throughout the entire book.

Many of the things that your kids are afraid to tell you, but are on their minds, can be found on the pages of this book. I am sure that these children’s insights will touch your hearts and make you think a little bit more, and look at yourself and them in an entirely different light.

Every Child Is a Hero is a book for the important lessons that aren’t taught in school and which a child should learn, mostly from their parents. These are beliefs, skills and qualities that are incredibly important for the health, happiness and success for any child.

What are those qualities?

  • loving yourself
  • appreciating your uniqueness
  • determining what your values are
  • developing emotional intelligence
  • taking responsibility of your life
  • learning to overcome fears
  • being independent from the opinion of others
  • learning from your mistakes
  • making fulfilling friendships and appreciating them
  • doing everything with love and creativity

I would also like to thank my readers for the touching letter that I get sent. They are very valuable feedback for me. In the book I have answered the most frequently asked questions asked to me by parents. When you read it, you will find that these problems are not just yours, and even a small correction in your ways could be enough for them to be solved.

What do children say?

What do children say about parents ?

“Parents want to protect us from bad things, but they don’t realize how much they restrict us and they get on our nerves and we start doing things to spite them.”   Joanna, 15

“Be calmer about little problems.” Christian, 14

“I would like my parents to admit their mistakes, talk to me and support me even when I’ve done something wrong, to be friends with me so that I will not feel scared of their reactions.”   Nicky, 14

“The best parents are those who allow everything your heart wants.”     Alex, 14

“Love me and don’t be so nervous!”   Stefani, 11

 “I wish they were interested in me and not just my grades! ” Daniel, 11

“I want them to accept me for what I am.” Nora, 14

“They hug me and tell me that they love me when it’s the holidays.”  Anonymous, 12

“My parents have never told me that they love me!”   Danny, 10

“I want to tell parents to treat children like friends and not to behave like their masters.” Anonymous, 13

“When I become a parent I will not be so strict with my children, I will understand and respect them more.” Anonymous, 12

“My parents are the best! They do a really good job and I love them very much!”  Maia, 14

“I feel the best when we are guests at our relatives’ homes, because I know that I won’t be criticised while we are there.”  Nicky, 12

“When she tells me off, mummy looks like a dragon!” Tommy, 12

“When I was little, they would punish me by forcing me to  stay in the dark in the bathroom or in the corner. When I become a mother I will not punish my children.”    Annie, 12

“Punishments hurt children. They start thinking of their parents as people they need protection from.”  Eva, 15

What do children say about happiness?

“For me happiness is love.”   Annie, 12

“Playing on my go-cart for hours…” Daniel, 11

“For me happiness is life without my brother and with chocolate.” Michaela, 11

“Happiness is when whatever you want happens.”  Nicky, 12

“Sometimes even little things can make you happy and then suddenly for some unknown reason you feel good…”  Natalie, 12

“Happiness is not to be alone in life.”  Danny, 12

“Not going to school!”  Anonymous, 12

“For me happiness is a holiday and money as a present.”   Anonymous, 11

“Happiness is when I learn something new. ” Roberto, 12

“Everything I have experienced in life without the occasional failures.”  Pattie, 14

“Happiness is to be always with my parents and not to be told off. ” Nicky, 12

“Happiness for me is having fun.” Chris, 11

“Happiness for me is to be with my friends all day and not with my parents.” Debbie, 11

“Happiness for me is to live my own life.” Teddy, 12

“For me happiness is to be loved and to feel useful.” Maggie, 12


“This book will make you listen to your heart…”

The first thing that each of us wants is our children to be healthy! But we do not realize how we ourselves are ruining their health! And this has been happening since the human race appeared on this planet. If there were no parents, maybe there wouldn’t be any psychotherapists, either. This doesn’t mean that we do not love our children. However, we make mistakes because of insufficient knowledge and unawareness! Dear parent, this book will make you reconsider some things! It will help you realize that if you listen to your heart, you will make fewer mistakes.

Madlen Alghafari

writer and psychotherapist

“Stela Daskalova’s books made me think about things I’ve never paid attention to before. Some books you read out of curiosity, but with hers it’s like you’re having a conversation with your own self. They provoke you to search and find answers of simple things you once thought were too complicated.”
Krasimir Dukov

“Dear Stela,

I wholeheartedly thank you for the books you have written. As you read them, you are filled with harmony, ease, enlightenment, inspiration, faith and strength. Your books are of the kind that belong to a special place in my library and to which I reach out in need, because they can be a trustworthy compass that I know will lead me in the right direction.”

Gabriela Metodieva

”You are my inspiration…”

Stela, I want to say first that you are my inspiration, even without you knowing it. As I have always stated, the books find me by themselves when I am ready for them. A year ago, totally by accident, when my son was just two months old, a friend of mine gave me your book “Everything Begins in Childhood” and I read it at one go…all that you had written I felt like something that was coming from my own heart! It helped me realize what I wanted to give to my child and what I should be careful about! Recently I have read your second book – “What Happens to Love”. Thank you for coming into my life through your books, for your worldview and for writing right from your soul! I am looking forward to reading your third book! I can’t wait!

Nelly Hadzhiyska

journalist and popular TV anchor

While I was reading the book “Everything Begins with Childhood”, I suddenly felt the strong desire to share it with all my friends who have already become parents or are going to be in the future. In the book I found the wise mother I have always wanted to have. Wise, tender and loving. A mother who is asking herself questions and is searching for ways to become more and more conscious, to develop and grow. In order to be a happy woman. And a happy mother. To a happy child…Because children learn from the personal example of their parents. The book “Everything Begins with Childhood” and its sequel “Every Child Is a Hero” are wonderful guides of every mother and every father on their path to building a healthy, truly close and wise relationship with their children.
Mariya Dimitrova

journalist and editor

“A wonderful book, which helped me grow as a parent, it helped me with valuable advice, which I use up until this day for raising our three daughters.”
Valdi Subev


“Dear Stela, I wholeheartedly thank you for the books you have written. As you read them, you are filled with harmony, ease, enlightenment, inspiration, faith and strength. Your books are of the kind that belong to a special place in my library and to which I reach out in need, because they can be a trustworthy compass that I know will lead me in the right direction.”
Gabriela Metodieva

“Hello Stela!

Thank you for the amazing book! I read it in a whim and not for a second was it boring or uninteresting. I found a lot of my mistakes in it. I hope that, thanks to what I have read, I manage to correct them and continue onwards as a better and more loving version of myself! I have your last book, which was extremely helpful for my relationship with my daughter.

Keep creating!”

Ana Docheva

“Hello Stela!

I would like to thank you for your books, which are some of the most helpful books I have encountered. I wish you success and luck (which you actually already possess) and once more – a huge THANK YOU for this priceless read!”

Irina Zasheva