My Little Co-Authors

While writing my books What Every Child Wants and Every Child is a Hero I interviewed hundreds of children. They were happy to share with me what they think and feel, they gave pieces of advice, criticized and at the same time defended their parents. The inclusion of the child’s point of view in my books was very important to me. Children’s opinions quoted in my books added special value to them and filled them with authentic emotions and children’s wisdom.

As a writer, I meet many readers and fans all over the country and these meetings often turn into long discussions on various topics on issues such as parenting, personal development and education. Whenever there are children, I give them the microphone so they can say everything they want to parents because I know that most children feel under-heard and misunderstood. After overcoming their anxiety, almost all attending children start queuing for the microphone. Some of their speeches are so surprising, wise, and poignant that they cause tears in their parents.

Meetings With Readers