What do children say?

Stela Daskalova is also the author and producer of two documentary films with interviews with children where they tell about the relationship with their parents, about school, their friends, love and dreams.

about parents:

Parents want to protect us from bad things, but they don’t realize how much they restrict us and they get on our nerves and we start doing things to spite them.                                                                                                          Joanna, 15


“Be calmer about little problems.”

Christian, 14


“I would like my parents to admit their mistakes, talk to me and support me even when I’ve done something wrong, to be friends with me so that I will not feel scared of their reactions.”

Nicky, 14

“The best parents are those who allow everything your heart wants.”

 Alex, 14


about happiness:

For me happiness is love.

Annie, 12



Playing on my go-cart for hours…

Daniel, 11


For me happiness is life without my brother and with chocolate.

Michaela, 11


A new computer…

Anonymous, 12


Happiness is when whatever you want happens.

Nicky, 12


Sometimes even little things can make you happy and then suddenly for some      unknown reason you feel good…

Natalie, 12


Happiness is not to be alone in life.

anny, 12



What do children think about Bulgaria?

When I become a parent


If I become a president


About school


about parents:


Love me and don’t be so nervous!

StefanDreamsi, 11

I wish they were interested in me and not just my grades!

Daniel, 11

I want them to accept me for what I am.

Nora, 14

They hug me and tell me that they love me when it’s the holidays.

Anonymous, 12

My parents have never told me that they love me!

Danny, 10

I want to tell parents to treat children like friends and not to behave like their masters.

 Anonymous, 13

When I become a parent I will not be so strict with my children, I will  understand and respect them more.

Anonymous, 12

My parents are the best! They do a really good job and I love them very much! 

Maia, 14


I feel the best when we are guests at our relatives’ homes, because I know that I won’t be criticised while we are there.

 Nicky, 12

When she tells me off, mummy looks like a dragon!

Tommy, 12

When I was little, they would punish me by forcing me to  stay in the dark in the bathroom or in the corner. When I become a mother I will not punish my children.

 Annie, 12

Punishments hurt children. They start thinking of their parents as people they need protection from. 

Eva, 15

Happiness for me is having fun.

Chris, 11

Happiness for me is to be with my friends all day and not with my parents.

Debbie, 11


Happiness for me is to live my own life.

Teddy, 12


For me happiness is to be loved and to feel useful.

Maggie, 12

About Stela

Stela Daskalova is one of the most successful writers in the nonfiction genre in Bulgaria. Her three books are bestsellers in the nonfiction genre for publishing house Ciela – the biggest publishing house in Bulgaria. read more about Stela