What Every Child Wants…

and Every Adult Needs to Know

“Hello Stela,

Your book What Every Child Wants is priceless! I have never read a better and more valuable book about children’s education. I was reading your book for a second time today. I’m so impressed of it that I want to tell the whole world about it!”

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Desislava Nikolova

What Every Child Wants is a book for parents who want to raise healthy, happy and confident children. This book would be very useful for other members of the family as well, teachers, parents – anyone who works with and takes care of children.

This book will help you:

develop a strong emotional bond with your kids

raise responsible kids without any punishments and aggression

free yourself of your prejudices

realize the mistakes your parents have made in your upbringing and forgiving them

realize the mistakes you are making right now and how you can avoid them

free yourself of your feeling of guilt and feel more confident as a parent

This book is different from other books about parenthood for several reasons. First of all, it is also a book for personal development and finding yourself. It will help you connect with the child within yourself, and take you back to your own childhood. It will help you realize what events have traumatized you, and relieve yourself of your pain and anger. The best parent is a happy parent. The book has already helped thousands of people change their life and relationships with their kids, as well as with their parents. The book “What Every Child Wants” is unique because in contains over 150 thoughts of children on dreams, fears, problems with parents, challenges and insights. It also contains a lot of stories from my practice as a family consultant.

What do children say?

What do children say about parents?

“Parents want to protect us from bad things, but they don’t realize how much they restrict us and they get on our nerves and we start doing things to spite them.”  Joanna, 15

“Be calmer about little problems.” Christian, 14

“I would like my parents to admit their mistakes, talk to me and support me even when I’ve done something wrong, to be friends with me so that I will not feel scared of their reactions.”  Nicky, 14

“The best parents are those who allow everything your heart wants.” Alex, 14

“Love me and don’t be so nervous!” Stefani, 11

” I wish they were interested in me and not just my grades!” Daniel, 11

“I want them to accept me for what I am.” Nora, 14

“They hug me and tell me that they love me when it’s the holidays.” Anonymous, 12

“My parents have never told me that they love me!” Danny, 10

“I want to tell parents to treat children like friends and not to behave like their masters.”  Anonymous, 13

“When I become a parent I will not be so strict with my children, I will understand and respect them more.” Anonymous, 12

“My parents are the best! They do a really good job and I love them very much!”  Maia, 14

“I feel the best when we are guests at our relatives’ homes, because I know that I won’t be criticised while we are there.”  Nicky, 12

“When she tells me off, mummy looks like a dragon!” Tommy, 12

“When I was little, they would punish me by forcing me to  stay in the dark in the bathroom or in the corner. When I become a mother I will not punish my children.” Annie, 12

“Punishments hurt children. They start thinking of their parents as people they need protection from.” Eva, 15

“You are my inspiration…”

“Stela, I want to say first that you are my inspiration, even without you knowing it. As I have always stated, the books find me by themselves when I am ready for them. A year ago, totally by accident, when my son was just two months old, a friend of mine gave me your book What Every Child Wants and I read it at one go! All that you had written felt like something that was coming from my own heart! It helped me realize what I wanted to give to my child and what I should be careful about! Recently, I have read your second book – What Happens to Love?. Thank you for coming into my life through your books, for your worldview and for writing right from your soul! I am looking forward to reading your third book! I can’t wait!”

Nelly Hadzhiyska

journalist and popular TV anchor

“Dear Stela, your book What Every Child Wants is priceless! I have never read a better and more valuable book about children’s education. I was reading your book for a second time today. I’m so impressed of it that I want to tell the whole world about it!”

Desislava Nikolova

“The book “What Every Child Wants” should be taught in college. Maybe then there wouldn’t be so many confused, hurt and misunderstood kids. I applaud you. I can’t wait to start the other book. I already love you!”

Elena Zareva

yoga instructor

“I read it in one night! It’s such an easy read! Good job! While reading, I have the habit of underlining the most important things. But I realized that I would have to underline almost the entire book, because Stela managed to synthesise in the most accessible form the most important lessons about love.”
Madlen Algafari

writer and psychotherapist

What Every Child Wants” is a wonderful book, which helped me grow as a parent, it helped me with valuable advice, which I use up until this day for raising our three daughters.”

Valdi Subev


“I’d like to thank you for your book “What Every Child Wants“. It’s exceptional. I agree with every single sentence written by you. I’m confident that each time I turn a page, I’ll find exactly what I need. I can’t wait to give my book to my husband so he can read it, my mother, my sister… everyone! I even ordered another copy of it. Don’t stop writing, I await your future books! I just started reading “What happens with love”. I wish you health!”

Nina Slavova

An incredible book… everyone has to read it. It’s an answer for our own selves and an excellent teacher for parents. It’s so great that IT exists, it fills my entire being with happiness and admiration.


Irena Tzurinski

“This book will make you listen to your heart…”

“The first thing that each of us wants is our children to be healthy! But we do not realize how we ourselves are ruining their health! And this has been happening since the human race appeared on this planet. If there were no parents, maybe there wouldn’t be any psychotherapists, either. This doesn’t mean that we do not love our children. However, we make mistakes because of insufficient knowledge and unawareness! Dear parent, this book will make you reconsider some things! It will help you realize that if you listen to your heart, you will make fewer mistakes. It will also give you plenty of valuable pieces of advice on how to prevent the future problems of your children by having the right attitude to them in their childhood years. There are no perfect parents who never make mistakes! But it is wonderful that the number of conscious parents is constantly growing and that they understand how even the smallest details in parents’ attitude to their children has a huge influence on the children’s future. If you read this book with your heart, you will be one of these conscious parents!”

Madlen Alghafari

writer and psychotherapist

“Hello Stela, I bought your book What Every Child Wants and read it all in one go! Your book is amazing! I’ve been wanting to buy one like this for a long time and I would like to thank you for all the advice you’ve given in it, and also for writing it! Soon I’ll buy your second book as well because I’m sure it’s just as interesting.”

Ivelina Popova

“Stela, you are an inspiration of mine. I read your book What Every Child Wants in the blink of an eye and had the feeling that everything written down had been poured out of my soul. This book helped me realize what I want to give to my kids. I recently read your second book “What happens with love?”. Thank you for entering my life through your books, for sharing your point of view with the world, and for writing with your soul. I can’t wait for your next book!”

Neli Hadjiyska

journalist and a tv show host

“Hello! I would like to express my gratitude and admiration for the book you have written!

I have a one-year-old baby and more than anything, I would her to grow up to be a happy and confident child. I was raised by conservative and close-minded parents, without a freedom of choice, or opinion, grown up in fear, and my dream was to be away from them. This had hard consequences in my life, but it’s also what provoked me to search for other examples of how to raise a happy child and that’s how I found your book! It made me find answer to a lot of questions for myself as well. It’s incredible how content I have been ever since my daughter appeared. It’s like I started living a new life – beautiful, filled with hope and love. I would like my child to be happy and confident. I want her to be successful and I want to do anything in my capabilities to help her and be her friend, always. I’d like my job to be related to kids too! Your book really moved me and I congratulate you. If you could recommend me other books that are similar, apart from John Kehoe’s, which I’m planning to read, I would be grateful!”

Bylyana Hursseva

“I love this book! It’s filled with so much truth, purity, and colorful childhood dreams. And every time I open it, I find something new and priceless about communicating with my children.”

Plamena Petrova

“We all know that being a parent is not easy. Parenthood is an art that unfortunately not many people are good enough at. And while we all have the same or similar problems with our children and our relationship with them, there are hardly any people who are there to understand you and help you with adequate advice on how to deal with those problems. I was impressed with how easy and down to earth everything in the book was explained. My husband read it and told all my friends with children to read it. I gave the same advice to the staff in the kindergarten my daughter started visiting, and I was happy to understand that the book was already on the shelf of our director’s cabinet and was read by her long ago. I call this book a “parental bible” that must be present in every home, a textbook that has to be re-read every now and then. I wish there were more books exactly like this one and more moms and dads reading them, and I wish there were more people exactly like Stela. I will always be grateful to her for what she has taught me. I do believe this book has made us all better parents.”

Yana Moiseeva


While I was reading the book What Every Child Wants, I suddenly felt the strong desire to share it with all my friends who have already become parents or are going to be in the future. In the book I found the wise mother I have always wanted to have. Wise, tender and loving. A mother who is asking herself questions and is searching for ways to become more and more conscious, to develop and grow. In order to be a happy woman. And a happy mother. To a happy child…Because children learn from the personal example of their parents. The book What Every Child Wants and its sequel Every Child Is a Hero are wonderful guides of every mother and every father on their path to building a healthy, truly close and wise relationship with their children.

Mariya Dimitrova

“Hello Stela! I just finished reading your book. I feel a sense of gratitude and pride for you. I’m grateful to you for writing it and proud because you’re Bulgarian! I wish you and your family to be healthy!”
Gergana Russinova

mother of a wonderful 4-year-old son

“Thousands of thank you’s for your book “What Every Child Wants“. I’m not sure whether you realize how many people you have helped. I’m one of them. I can’t wait to read the other one.”

Kristyan Nenov

mother of a wonderful 4-year-old son

What Every Child Wants” is a book, which is not only extremely easy to ready, but it’s engraved in the mind of the reader and heals your hurt soul because it reaches its finest strings in a very gentle way… With much love and gratitude, to Stela Daskalova.”

Bistra Nikolova

I thank you, wonderful Stela, for existing. I thank you that through your book “What Every Child Wants” you helped me change my way of thinking. I still have a long road to go in searching and changing my life, but it all has started now. I am grateful that you helped me create a bond with my amazing child, forgive my parent, overcome my fears and start anew. You taught me that the key lies in transforming myself, not my child. You have saved me, and you have saved my child from my previous ‘me’.

Polina Ivanova

veterinary doctor