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When there is a problem it is important to find the cause in time and removе it – then the problems with children are resolved quickly and easily. Keep in mind that the occasion is usually not the real cause. In order to find it you need careful observation and a different, more objective view, based on competence and experience. That is why consultation with a specialist can help you.    

In which cases can I be useful to you?

• anxiety, depressions and fears in children or parents

• conflicts between parents and children

• conflicts between parents

• conflicts between children


• conflicts between children and teachers

• conflicts between parents and teachers

• eating disorders in children

• dependencies


 It will be my pleasure to help you.

Trainings / Lectures / Seminars

To help children and parents is my mission, which I am dedicated to with my entire heart and soul. In my professional career I have met hundreds of kids, parents and teachers. My goal is to convince as many parents and teachers as I can in the huge advantages in democratic upbringing and positive attitude towards children

• make an appointment for a consultation by phone:

+359 888 60 17 34

• contact me via contact form

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The main topics of my seminars and lectures are:

• The role and the strength of the positive approach towards children.

• How to help children develop self-respect and self-control?·

• Тhe most common parental and teachers’ mistakes.

• How can we set boundaries without violence?

• Punishments – their uselessness and the damage they may cause.


• The causes of child aggression.

• Conflict between children.

• How can we motivate children to learn?

• Why do children lie?

• Why is it important for kids to have fun?

• Why are friends so important for the child’s personal development?

Frequently Asked Questions

A good question is half of the solution. The subject of parenthood is inexhaustible. I keep receiving letters with more and more questions.


Is it possible to avoid a divorce from hurting the child?

  Of course, it is. When we explain to our children without dramatizing or without blaming the other, when we present the situation as something natural that often happens in the lives of many people, the child will accept the change calmly.   Children usually react...

How can I overcome my own fears that I am not doing well as a parent?

Having a child is like experiencing your childhood again. You have the chance to correct the mistakes of your parents. Of course, it's impossible not to make any mistakes, but there is less likelihood, if you approach every situation consciously. Often our children...
Момичето на люлката

How can I tell my child that they were adopted?

The conversation about adoption should start right from the very beginning - from your first day together, even if your child is a very small baby. Invent a beautiful story for your child and tell it as they grow up. For example, about a mother who had spent a long...

How can two parents with different beliefs about education reach agreement?

We are accustomed to accepting differences as something disturbing, but in fact differences can enrich us, and expand our point of view. It's a good thing that parents do not think the same way. In this way children can experience two points of view on the world and...
Как да мотивираме децата да учат

How can we motivate our children to learn?

Children's curiosity is a thirst for knowledge. Every child is born with an open mind, an exploratory spirit and unlimited potential. Depending on different factors, some children develop their potential earlier and to a greater extent, while others take longer. The...
baby and bear

Can fairy tales traumatise children?

Fairy tales can inspire, reassure but can also scare our children. Some tales are so frightening they can create lasting fears in children. Characters like witches and monsters are the embodiment of evil which must be defeated. However, children at their youngest age...

How can I explain to my child that the goodies they see in advertisements are not good for them?

We often underestimate the ability of our children to understand our true motives. In fact, we can always tell them the truth. We can explain to our child why these foods are harmful and that they need to eat real food to be healthy and strong. Persuasion always works...
Нежеланието на едно дете да се храни е резултат от погрешен подход на възрастните

How can I deal with my child’s reluctance to eat?

I remember a situation when I saw a child being literally tortured. The child was stuck between the table and the chair, his head barely visible over the huge plate whose contents had to be eaten. His mother was categorical that the child would not leave the table...

How do we approach jealousy in children?

Jealousy in children is natural. However, in extreme manifestation, it can be a sign that the parent has not found the balance between showing feelings and distributing attention equally among their children. It can happen when parents have not found the balance...

How do I get my child to tidy their room?

With patience, with a smile, with motivation. It's good to teach children to tidy their things from an early age. Little heroes love to be given tasks which are usually done by adults. When they're five, they like to be involved in any household activity because it...

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