Don’t force people to do what you want, don’t force relationships, actions and processes. Every force produces resistance.

When someone refuses to do something for you, don’t insist. That’s not the right person. You will find someone else who will be only too pleased to help you or you can do it yourself.

Very often we ask others to do things for us because subconsciously we are convinced of our own inability to deal with a given situation. However, when they refuse to help, they’re actually doing us a favour because we often find that we can do it even better than the person we asked for help.

Sometimes when I’ve had to do something on my own, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my own abilities, and grateful to the person who refused to help me. This has forced me to try a new experience, acquire a new skill, and overcome my internal limitations.

In other cases, when someone has refused me something, I find someone else who is much better in that particular field or activity.  Refusal is a sign that a person is not motivated, not ready. Insistence may either lead to conflict or poor work.

We often force ourselves to do something, and I have also found that to be a mistake. When we lack motivation and inspiration, even if we work really hard, the results are unsatisfactory. Sometimes even harmful.

When we are little we are taught to fight against the sense of internal resistance. But in fact this we are missing a very important signal: that we are going in the wrong direction.

The more we force ourselves to do something, the less inspiration we will feel and the less we want to do it , and our inner resistance will grow.

We might not be interested in our job,  we might have prejudices and negative beliefs about a given activity, maybe we’re too tired and we need a break, maybe it’s not the right time or place, maybe we don’t have the right people around us, in order for our action to succeed … there are many  reasons for our internal resistance. We have to be able to find them.

When we find and eliminate the cause, then resistance also disappears. Then we can bravely move forward.

Inspiration is the special energy that makes things happen with ease. I have always regarded inspiration as the support of the Universe, as a sign from the Universe that what am I doing is worth it.


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Don’t force things
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by Stela
by Stela