What do you do when you fall down on your’s life journey?

Some people react like this:

“Oh, I had a really bad fall! How awful! What should I do now? Poor me! It hurts so much! Life is so unfair. I never have any luck … It’s his/her fault that I fell … I think he stuck his foot out or pushed me… I’m not sure exactly how it happened but I’m sure someone else is to blame … and they can see that I’ve fallen over but no-one helps me get up, no one cares about me, I suffer and it hurts me … Everyone’s  against me … and when I think about it, I’ve spent all my life falling over ever since I was a child. There’s something wrong with me, I’m just forever falling over…and no one understands how bad it is…even when I complain, groan and shout loudly … no-one comes to lift me up.

However, there are people who fall, get up again, dust themselves down of all self-pity and continue along the journey of life … Their way of thinking is quite different:

“Oops, I fell over! I’ll get up and carry on! It’ not the first time it’s happened to me, and it happens to everyone at sometime in their lives. OK, so why did I fall? What caused me to stumble? Maybe I need to watch where I’m going more carefully where and not be in such a hurry… and when I see an obstacle, I need to find a way around it and not bump into it.

What I have learned from my falls,  is that the sooner you get up, the faster the pain passes. The less you feel sorry for yourself and complain, the easier it is to get up and move on.

If you just lie down and groan, you can’t even see what you’ve tripped  over, because you don’t have the right angle of vision. So when you fall, your first goal should be to get up as fast as possible and not to put too much significance on what has happened. When we focus on pain, it increases …

When you get up, it’s good to ask yourself, “Why did I fall?” Not “Who’s to blame?” The second question is a trap. The trap of the victim. Once you’ve fallen into it, it’s very hard to get out. The trap of the victim will keep you in a fallen state, and not let you get up. Some people spend years in this trap, some all their lives. In fact, most people spend most of their lives in this trap. The treachery of this trap is that when we were little nobody warned us about it.

Another feature of this trap is that it is very difficult for someone else to release you from it. You have to untie yourself. The key to unlock the trap is the joy of life … in all and manifestations … love, inspiration, laughter, fun, creativity …