Love your dream, it will never give up on you, so don’t give up on it either.

Your dream is the power that drives you forward, the force that will save you even in the most difficult situation, a force that can change you beyond recognition.

Dream courageously. Let your dreams break the boundaries in your mind.

Your dream is like the highest rung on a ladder that you strive for, not with compulsion, but with love and inspiration. Your dream is the mirror in which you see your hidden potential.  If you think it’s impossible, then that’s because you have not yet travelled far enough.

Every moment in the present, prepares us for every future moment. Thus it is sometimes difficult to accept an idea or an opportunity for the future; it is still alien to us  because we are not yet ready. However, after a while that same idea seems quite feasible.

Little steps prepare us for the great moments in life. Sometimes a small step opens a huge door. The doors we need to open are mostly in our minds.

Love your dream and let it open the doors in front of you. If you hold on to it tightly, it will raise you up however many times you fall on the way.

Allow your dream to grow with you! Do not put limitations on your dream! When you trust yourself and allow yourself freedom, it will surprise you with its ability to grow and surpass your expectations. Dreams are charmingly unpredictable.

The realization of one dream leads to the realisation of another in a chain reaction. Love your dream and let it take you to your other dreams.


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