“Jumping with joy is a good exercise.”

by an unknown author

They have been teaching us since our childhood years that we shouldn’t postpone today’s work for tomorrow. However, nobody teaches us that we shouldn’t postpone joy! Quite the opposite – most adults consciously “teach” their children to postpone and reject pleasure and fun – one of the biggest mistakes of those parents whose joy was taken away from them when they themselves were kids. 

In fact, sometimes it is better to postpone “today’s work” for tomorrow and have some fun. When we feel tired, when we don’t have inspiration and the work doesn’t bring us pleasure, the best we can do is stop and “recharge our batteries.” Recharging happens exactly when we feel joy and when we allow ourselves to have fun and feel pleasure. 

When we postpone joy and pleasure in our life, we deceive ourselves. We starve our soul and it suffers from this undeserved punishment. Joy is food for our soul. 

It is surprising that so many people don’t realize this simple truth. It is surprising how many parents  starve their children’s souls while they are feeding so diligently their children’s bodies. These parents do the same with their own souls. 

When the soul is hungry, the mind is hungry, too. Because life’s joy is the energy from which big ideas are born. Life’s joy nurtures our talents and creative nature. 

What happens when we postpone joy systematically and for a long time by ignoring and undervaluing it?

Burnout. This is the diagnosis of so many people. What does this term mean? A lack of vitality, totally exhausted batteries, a starved soul, an exhausted mind which has stopped working, a tired body.  All of these are valid for depression, too. Depression is a spiritual anorexia, losing the habit and the ability to feed yourself with joy. 

All psychological problems in people are due mostly to insufficient joy and insufficient love. Physical problems are caused by the same thing. 

After all, when knowing that joy and love are the fuel of life, what should we expect if we allow ourselves to run out of fuel?

Every time when we don’t feel well, we should realize the red lamp for the fuel is alerting us that we urgently need to refuel. 

However, we had better not wait for the red lamp to alert us but to “refuel” every day. When our fuel tank is full, we will feel we are brimming over with happiness, creativity, efficiency at work, goodness and a zest for life. Only then will we be able to give love and joy to others and bring value to the world. 

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